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AVAILABLE FOR A LIMITED TIME!  See note at bottom of page!

We had so much fun designing a special shirt for parents on our Facebook group to wear at Check-in and when visiting their kids on the Disney College Program.  And they’re a hit!

And now your pet wants one, too.  We know your pups will proudly wear these on their walks about town but we’re making no guarantees that your kitties will even let you put them into one!

And YES, they are customizable, although are available in RED only.  As always, we can change the year or leave it off entirely.  Check the size charts and measure carefully, as these are not returnable!

Our perfect pooch, Bronte, is modeling a shirt with Magic shown in plain vinyl; we understand that some pets might like to sparkle so we CAN offer Magic in our popular sparkle vinyl as well.  Just indicate your preference.

If you select “Other” for any wording, please place special notes in the “Notes” Field in during check out.  If you forget to do that you can contact

Domain name is our website name — it’s your choice as to whether you want to spread the word about us or have your shirt without this advertisement on it. We thank your proud pet for sharing the  website.

PLEASE NOTE:  Because of the difficulty of sourcing these pet shirts, they will not be a regularly available item.  This is being handled as a bulk order.  We are TAKING ORDERS until Monday, November 20, and all pet shirts will be mailed to ensure delivery in time for Christmas.  Imagine your pet’s face lighting up when they see what’s under the tree for them!  They can finally match the rest of the family!

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