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This site and our related Facebook group are growing fast, with close to 1,000 parent members on the Facebook group alone. Multiply this number by adult children in the program, spouses, relatives and friends come to visit or move, and that’s a whole lot of consumers viewing this site.

Better yet, as program participants arrive and depart Walt Disney World and Disneyland, we have access to a constantly-refreshing audience of consumers.

Those consumers are looking for your products and services.

We are constantly being asked questions such as:

  • What hotels in the area do you recommend we stay in when accompanying our student to Check-in for the program?
  •  Where can my daughter find a good hair salon?
  • My son needs to upgrade his electronics; what stores are nearby?
  • Are there any doctors, dentists or chiropractors in the area?
  • Where can I find a pharmacy nearby?
  •  Where is there a car service my student can trust when away from home?
  •  Where can the students on the program shop locally?
  •  My son is in town without a car. What are the best taxi and airport shuttle services?
  • I’d love to send a birthday package to my son or daughter on the program. What services can you recommend?
  • How can I help my student find an apartment when the program is over and they want to stay and continue to work for Disney?
  •  Not only does my daughter want to stay and work for Disney, I’m ready to move to a warmer climate. Can you recommend a Realtor to help me purchase a home?


We welcome discussion with your business to help you reach this growing market. Please contact us about placing your advertisement on our site at a very affordable cost. If your business would like to place their ad on our page, please contact us.

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